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About Lucid Queen

Lucid Queen is a brand I am so proud to share with the world. It is an ever growing journey that truly teaches me the wisdom of creativity. I began by searching for a way to make sturdy earrings from leather, vinyl, and fabric materials but I was not satisfied with the roughness of the edges and kept searching for a better material. This is what led me to discovering how awesome polymer clay would work for the vision I held for making earrings. With polymer clay, I could create with vibrant colors and once the clay is cured, it becomes lightweight and sturdy, completing the vision I had for bold colors, expressive shapes and an overall contemporary appeal. 


A desire to express creatively is how the journey began but an urge to thrive as a small business owner is what keeps this journey in motion. Our society promotes the idea that there are no limits to what we can become with well directed intentions and efforts. Lucid Queen is a product of this belief and strives to utilize this concept as a blueprint to expand. Though it began as a place to sell things that I create by hand, it will continue flourishing  by offering additional products from various categories as well as products created by other creators from around the world.

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Chia Swinger

Owner and Artisan of Lucid Queen

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